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October 4, 2014 I Know You…

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skyname2    Do you ever have those dreams…the ones where you’re back in high school and you can’t remember your locker code, you look down and notice you have fuzzy slippers on, and when you walk outside you don’t know anyone – but everyone is staring at you?

Don’t you love going someplace far from home and running into somebody you know? Isn’t it more fun to stand in line with someone ahead of you that you can chat with?

Fear of the unknown is the most common anxiety maker of all. The first writing conference I ever went to was very small, no more than 40-50 people, the speakers were published but not well known, it was on the other side of the state, I had no idea what to expect. By the time my husband pulled up to drop me off I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up or pass out – all I knew was I probably looked like my daughter did the first day I took her to kindergarten – and confident wasn’t it…

What about when we are in our comfort zone, part of the crowd where we know pretty much everybody? Does it occur to us that there is someone there that doesn’t, that wants to run, whose longing for the event to be over?

There are two favorite things I love to hear in a crowd either “Why don’t you sit with us?” or “I’ve been looking for you.” Psalm 139 tells us God knows us – He knows us like no one else does (and He still loves us, wow). Next time I’m walking into that conference or travelling by myself, let me look up to the sky and hear Him whisper “I know you…”





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