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October 14, 2014 ReNew Your Normal

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heart&key2     Fear can become our ‘normal’. At each turn of our day we get into the routine of being ready to face fear. Almost holding our breath as we anticipate what’s next…

It becomes so normal for us that we don’t see we are in bondage – held prisoner or paralyzed unable to move without fear. And the enemy wants to keep us there…

For some captivity in fear is a result of bad choices along the way – to the point we don’t think we can find our way back, nor do we feel we deserve to be allowed to walk away from the pit we feel we are in. The enemy shames us into believing this is the way it will always be and no one cares if we ever leave and return…

It’s time to re-new our normal “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2 NIV) Being in bondage to fear is not where God wants us to be and he offers freedom…

The key to freedom: forgiveness. Oh, you say, I am beyond forgiveness. Perhaps you feel no one on this earth will ever offer it, perhaps they never will. Or perhaps you say, oh I know I’m forgiven but I need to pay for my mistakes. Don’t forget Someone, Jesus, already paid. Forgiveness is God’s free gift.  His forgiveness is the biggest fearbuster there is.

Those who are saved forget to walk in freedom and instead allow the enemy to direct our steps of fear. Forgiveness, once accepted, can still be hard to live out, but by the transforming work of God and the renewing of our minds with His Word, we can walk braver into freedom away from the hold of fear…


One thought on “October 14, 2014 ReNew Your Normal

  1. Prov. 3:25, 26 — Do not be afraid of sudden Terror .. Have confidence in the Lord …


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