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Cropped Me     LIVING BRAVER! We all want to live courageously. So often we are presented with opportunities, challenges, things not in our comfort zone and we let fear dictate our actions. A friend of mine, Renee Ratcliffe, recently said “The risk of failure outweighs the regret of never trying.” Friends, this is a profound statement…

Think about a time you “didn’t” because of the risk of failure and how after the opportunity was gone you lived in regret so wishing you “had”. I want to live in courage and I want to explore what that means with you. I am learning through God’s grace and leading – walk with me into Braver!

Please share your victories, your prayer requests, your thoughts:

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts about fear and the courage that comes only from God. I’m praying daily for a courageous heart like His.


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